Flooring - Carpet

Carpet is a popular flooring choice based on it’s versatility along with the protection it provides to unfinished floors.

Care and Maintenance Tips Cleaning

  • Vacuum carpeting at least once a week. A light vacuuming is three passes; a thorough job may need seven passes. Heavy traffic areas may require more frequent vacuuming. Vacuuming high-traffic areas daily helps keep them clean and maintains the upright position of the nap.
  • Have your carpeting cleaned professionally at least once a year to remove deep-down dirt and stubborn stains.


  • If carpeting becomes loose or buckles, or seams begin to separate, contact a carpeting professional.
  • Protect your carpeting from direct sunlight, as it can cause carpeting to age/fade.
  • Check for loose threads. Trim any loose threads so they don’t catch on vacuums or other items and unravel.

Reduce Staining and Discoloration

  • Seek the advice of a carpeting expert to get the best stain or spot remover for your carpet.
  • To remove spots, use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning products, if using a spot removal product be sure to follow directions on bottle..

* If you are in a Condo residence please refer to your Condo Association Documents to verify your responsibilities, if any, for the maintenance of these areas.