Windows & Doors - Windows

Windows add to the ambience of your home by providing views and allowing sunlight and fresh air into your home.

Care and Maintenance Tips Cleaning - Inside

  • Clean the inside of your windows periodically with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush and a water-based commercial cleaner.
  • Oil, caulk or tar can be removed with mineral spirits on a soft cloth.
  • Paint stains on vinyl windows should be removed using a plastic edge, such as a spatula or credit card.

Cleaning - Outside

  • Clean the outside of your windows using the same cleansers as recommended for the inside.
  • Consult your manufacturer's guide for instructions on tilting the window sash to facilitate cleaning the outside of the windows, particularly on upper levels of the home.
  • To rinse, avoid using high-pressure washers that can damage the windows and surrounding caulk.
  • Use a garden hose to rinse, applying the water at a low volume and pressure, working down from the upper floors to the ground floor.

General Guidelines

  • Always lock windows when not in use to obtain proper seal to keep air and moisture from entering the home.
  • The window sash may periodically need to be lubricated to ease operation of the window. Verify that the lubricant is compatible with vinyl; the manufacturer recommends spray furniture polish.
  • Inspect caulking around interior and exterior windows for cracking and damage. Always remove caulk before applying new caulk.
  • Windows are constructed with small holes called "weep holes" to allow water to drain from the windowsill. Weep holes should not be blocked by tape, caulk or debris to prevent them from draining properly.

Things to Avoid

  • Window screens are not designed to hold more weight than the screen itself. Therefore, the screen system will not prevent children or pets from falling through open windows to the ground below. Parents should be careful to prevent children and pets from leaning against the screens.
  • Do not apply film to tint windows. This adversely affects the insulated glass seal and consequently voids the warranty.
  • Masking tape should not be placed on glass surfaces. Sunlight can bake the tape into the glass or frame causing damage.
  • Do not paint vinyl windows. Painting of vinyl windows will render null and void your product warranty.
  • Do not remove permanent labels on your windows, such as AAMA, WDMA and Warranty product certification labels. They are generally hidden and will not obstruct view or function of the window.

* If you are in a Condo residence please refer to your Condo Association Documents to verify your responsibilities, if any, for the maintenance of these areas.